In 2016, after 14 years in the classroom, Matt took 5 years away from teaching and served as the East Valley School Services Representative for Music & Arts. During that time, Matt was recognized as a Peak Performer in 2017 and beat every annual sales goal, even during the COVID-19 shut down. As an Ed Rep, he was able to connect and learn from dozens of the best educators in Arizona. The Music and Arts years were defined by a focus on blending business with educational best practices. In addition to sales duties, Matt mentored numerous Ed Reps in the Southwest and presented several clinics at both colleges and conferences.

During the summer of 2021, Matt decided to leave Music & Arts to return to North HS to fill a last minute vacancy. The return to the classroom has been a very unique experience. The next few years look to have many new milestones, as he rebuilds this program in a new way for our new world.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys hiking with his wife Jenn around the Southwest United States. With the time left, he is a very active Magic the Gathering player who maintains a size able collection. A skilled home cook, he specializes in baking cheesecake from a secret family recipe that is lauded across the East Valley. Type your paragraph here.

Matthew Bock (b.1978) was born in New York City, raised in suburban New Jersey, and now lives in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun. Since 2002, Matt has served as Band Director to thousands of students in high schools both in Arizona and New Jersey. He was educated in New Jersey, graduating with a BA in Music a education from Montclair State University in 2002, and an MA in Conducting through the American Band College of Sam Houston State University in 2015.

As an educator, ensembles under Matt’s direction have earned numerous recognitions from Gold Ratings to being named a Grammy Signature School. Numerous students in Matt’s programs were accepted into Regional and All-State Honor Ensembles, and several have pursued careers in various aspects of the music industry.

Since starting playing the tuba in 4th grade, Matt has enjoyed an eclectic lifetime of performances. In 2001 and 2003 he toured with the New Jersey Ambassadors of Music in Europe, and was a featured soloist at concerts in England and France. While in New Jersey, Matt enjoyed playing tuba in the community. He was a part of the Imperial Brass (British Brass Band), Sussex County and Livingston Orchestras, and the Rockaway Township Community Band. Since relocating to Arizona, Matt has enjoyed playing with both the Arizona Wind Symphony and Tempe Winds, where he currently sits as Principal Tuba. During his career, Matt has played in concerts with numerous guest soloists and conductors with more to come in the future. In addition to playing tuba, Matt teaches students privately.

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In 2014, I was in a session being presented by James Levine during my Third Year at the American Band College. The focus of his session was all about getting music out to the public. Later that week, during our day off, my roommate and I visited the Redwood Forest in Northern California. I vividly remember Mr. Levine saying: “If you can’t get the audience to the music, bring the music to the audience.” So I decided to bring my tuba to the hike with us. We did a few hikes all along the road that traverses the Redwood Forest, and then we found a beautiful little hike that lead to a wide open grove. It was the perfect place to set up shop and do some playing. I hiked the 1.5 miles back to the car, picked up my horn, and set out to play in this exceptional venue. After about 30 minutes of playing, I realized that this was my new obsession. It was physical, musical, and entertaining to the other people in the park. In 2015 when I returned for my final summer at ABC (located in Southern Oregon), my roommate (same guy) and I hiked to the top of Crater Lake (Garfield Point) with my tuba. 

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